Spell Check

Use free spell checker and grammar to ensure your writing is free from all errors. Grab grammar and spelling mistakes in content with this free online utility.

How to Use a Spell Checker

You can use a spell checker to catch misspellings while writing text. There are several software and service solutions that offer this feature. Examples include word processors, email clients, electronic dictionaries, and search engines. Whether you need help spelling or just want to practice your writing skills, a spell checker is a helpful tool. The following are some of the most popular and useful examples of spell checkers. To find out which one is right for you, read on.

Microsoft Word spell checker highlights misspelled words and shows the replacement spelling in the suggestion bubble. To change the replacement spelling, you can click the x in the suggestion bubble, or control-click the word in question. You can also choose to add the word to your dictionary so it is not marked again. In addition, the word will not be highlighted in the future unless you change it manually. Microsoft Word spell checker also allows you to change the language for spelling.

You can configure spell checkers to use any language dictionary. To do this, go to the System Preferences menu under the Apple menu. Next, select the Language setting. From there, choose Spelling from the list. Once you've selected your language, choose whether to enable spelling check or not. If you'd like to disable spell check in specific documents, you can turn off the feature or change the language. Alternatively, you can choose to spell-check only selected documents or the entire book.