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What is a Spell Checker and How Can it Improve Your Writing?

If you have used a computer, you've probably noticed that your misspelled words are often highlighted by a "spell checker" feature. This software features is commonly embedded in software and services that analyze text for mistakes. Common examples of these features include word processors, email clients, electronic dictionaries, and search engines. But what is a spell checker? What are its advantages? Let's find out. What's a spell checker and how can it improve your writing?

Spell checkers date back to the early 1980s. One of the first software applications was WordCheck, released for Commodore systems just in time for the advertising season. Several developers then raced to develop OEM packages for this new, fast-growing software market. These early spell checkers were standalone programs, and some could also be used in TSR mode within a word-processing package. However, these early spell checkers had their limitations and were only useful for spelling mistakes.

The spell check feature works by comparing a misspelled word with a dictionary. To be considered as "misspelled," the word must exist in a dictionary. This is the simplest method. If the dictionary does not contain a particular word, it can be added to the database or client dictionary. The software will also flag words that are commonly misspelled, allowing the user to choose which words are misspelled and use a spell checker.