Spell Check

Use free spell checker and grammar to ensure your writing is free from all errors. Grab grammar and spelling mistakes in content with this free online utility.

How to Use a Spell Checker

A spell checker is a software program that checks for mis-spellings in texts. These programs are often built into software and services, such as word processors and email clients, electronic dictionaries, and search engines. There are several ways to use a spell checker, but some of the most common are listed below:

A free online spell checker is also a great tool to use if you want to correct the spelling and grammar of a piece of writing. You can choose the language for the checker, but it will still recognize mistakes, providing you with correction options. The software can also check images and documents for errors. If you are concerned about the quality of the text, you can upload the file and allow the program to make any necessary changes. Then, you can publish it online.

Most spell checkers have a user interface. You can choose which languages to check and which options you want to accept or reject. You can also choose the limit for checking objects: the current object only, the current object and all its children, or all objects and their attributes. The spell checker also lets you change the language that the checker uses for correction. You can also choose to add new words to the database and client dictionary. If you use the program in a non-English environment, you might want to choose a different language for the check.