Spell Check

Use free spell checker and grammar to ensure your writing is free from all errors. Grab grammar and spelling mistakes in content with this free online utility.

Free Spell Check Online

The internet is filled with free and useful spelling check tools that can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes. These tools analyze your writing to identify possible spelling errors and make sure that the words in your writing are correct. They are especially helpful for the online writer who does not have time to proofread his or her work. So, you can get a professional review of your writing by using these free tools to ensure that you don't misspell a word.

Free spell check online tools are available for a variety of purposes, including word definitions, synonyms, and rephrasing. You can check a single word or a whole text with a free spell check tool. The web-based tool is also convenient for long texts, as you can save and export it to the cloud. Google Translator also offers online spell check tools and is compatible with a variety of formats and languages.

Another free and highly-rated spell-checking tool is Grammarly. It is compatible with most word processing applications and websites, and includes a text editor for highlighting mistakes. Its free version can spell check up to 300 characters, and you can even download an extension for your browser. It also checks for grammatical errors, missing words, and plagiarism. The web-based version of Grammarly includes a Chrome extension. You can also download the desktop version and install it on your PC or laptop.