Spell Check

Use free spell checker and grammar to ensure your writing is free from all errors. Grab grammar and spelling mistakes in content with this free online utility.

How to Use a Spelling Checker

A spelling checker is a type of software that checks your text for misspellings. These services and programs are usually built into other software applications, such as email clients or word processors. They also include electronic dictionaries and search engines. This article describes how to use one. However, if you need more help, you can try searching online for a service or product in your area. Listed below are a few examples of popular applications for this purpose.

Spell check is a built-in feature of Windows. It lets you enter single-line or multi-line text and spell check it for misspelled words. Misspelled words will be underlined and displayed when you right-click the text. You can then change the spelling options or add your own custom dictionary. Depending on your needs, you can customize your spelling check to suit your preferences. If you have a large number of words in your document, you can use a dictionary that is specifically tailored to your language.

Some programs offer multiple levels of spelling and grammar checking. You can also switch to context-based spell checking. The latter is a useful feature if you write in more than one language. Usually, spell check will warn you when you type a word incorrectly and suggests an alternative. To turn off the feature, you need to click the button next to the word you want to change. Alternatively, you can delete the term and add it to the dictionary.